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Liz wrote the songs  on this album over a thirty-year period. Longtime fans of Liz's music may miss the wry love songs of her earlier years, but this collection includes more mature songwriting and topics appropriate to an outrageous older woman: her own history, a personal manifesto, role models, enduring love, perennial protest, stories of abuse and healing, alcoholism and recovery, and creativity and ambition, the romances of her kids, Jewish humor, aging, the grim conflicts of these tumultuous times, and the hope that peace will triumph.

Outrageous Older Woman The T-shirt came first, then the aspiration to grow into this role. My outrageousness is still evolving.

Online Loving Inspired by my stepdaughter's virtual romance, which ended happily in a wedding in Las Vegas and a permanent move from New York to London.

All She Ever Wanted This woman won't let anything come between her and her gift for making music.

The Rain Came Down This story about two people arriving at a crossroads in their lives came out of nowhere when it suddenly started to rain during a songwriting session in a field of wildflowers.

Wedding Song I wrote this song for my son and his fiancée as a surprise engagement present. I sang it at both their weddings, in Manila and New Jersey.

The Still A fellow songwriter, told that I had worked with homeless alcoholics on the Bowery, said, "You must have a thousand stories." I have indeed. This is one of them.

God of Music A woman's journey from being silenced to finding her voice and from rage to healing. I dedicate it to all survivors of abuse, especially those who sing.

The Mayor of Central Park Alberto Arroyo was a beloved and legendary New York character who inspired and encouraged generations of runners. To Alberto, every day, rain or shine, in Central Park was "a beautiful day."

Creeping Age Originally titled "Middle Age." Some things get funnier between 45 and 65, others not so much. Dedicated to my friends from both high school and junior high.

Mary, Mary A song about a survivor caught between memory and healing.

The House That I Called Home A tribute to my extraordinary parents. A happy childhood--priceless.

Hell, No, We Won't Go A protest song, perennially relevant. Ideally, 100,000 people would sing along. In a perfect world, they wouldn't need to.

We've Come A Long Way Long-term love, even when the world is falling apart.

Sheldon, Please Come Home Aficionados of Ashkenazic Jewish humor will recognize this as a somewhat embellished retelling of a classic shaggy dog story.

Prayer (Next Year in Jerusalem) An inclusive version of the words that end the traditional Jewish Seder each Passover. Incorporate it into your own Seder and share it with others.

Two Tall Towers A lifelong New Yorker, I was there on September 11, 2001. I wrote this song over the next two days as a way of coming to terms with the tragedy.