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Outrageous Older Woman, the album,   is a compilation of songs that Liz Zelvin has written over the past thirty years. It features Liz's lead vocals, backed up by ten amazing and multi-talented musicians.

The band: 

Liz Zelvin,   lead vocals, guitar, keyboard
Randy Crafton,   drums, percussion
Amy Fradon,   vocals
Robin Greenstein,   banjo, vocals
Gene Hicks,   violin, keyboard
Zach Hicks,   clarinet
Barry Kornhauser,   guitar, bass, cello
John Parrott,   guitar
John Sheehan,   guitar
Ben Silver,   vocals
Gina Tlamsa,   flute, penny whistle

So how did we fit a gospel choir, a hundred Buddhist monks, 100,000 protesters, four guitars, concert grand and honky tonk pianos, bass, flute, penny whistle, fife, banjo, country fiddle, violin, cello, clarinet, tuba, organ, concertina, accordion, harp, sitar, drums, and percussion into the studio? It's a mystery!

Co-producers: Liz Zelvin & Ray Korona
Recording: Ray Korona, Hobo Star Music

Photos: Nancy Pindrus
Photo collage: Liz Zelvin
Design: Liz Zelvin

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